50 Arrests and 50K of Drugs Sized by New Drugs Team in Portsmouth

50 arrests and 50k of drugs sized by new drugs team in portsmouth

Drugs supply disrupted in Portsmouth

The new drugs related harm team, which has only been in place since January, is already making a success of disrupting the supply of drugs in Portsmouth.

In the past two months the team has made over 50 arrests connected to drugs supply, with the majority of those arrested coming from outside of our force area. The team’s also dismantled a cannabis production operation, seized over £15,000 in cash, over £30,000 worth of class A drugs and removed numerous weapons from Portsmouth streets, including knives, asps a knuckleduster and an imitation firearm.

An important part of the team’s role is protect vulnerable people against drug dealers and drugs gangs.

With that in mind, London drug dealers have been removed from the addresses of several local, vulnerable people and eight children and two people with mental health issues have been safeguarded against exploitation from drugs gangs.

Detective Inspective Linda Howard, who leads the team, said: “The drugs related harm team was put together to tackle drug networks causing the most harm to our local communities.

“Within the first two months we have disrupted numerous people who are linked to gang crime from London and want to reinforce our message that Portsmouth is a hostile place to deal drugs.

“I would urge local drug users that are being exploited by drug dealers to contact us so that we can support and safeguard against these gangs.”

We work closely with our partners to support local drug users. If you have problems with drugs (or drink) and are ready to make changes, call the Recovery Hub on 023 92 294 573 or email [email protected] for access to drug and alcohol support services in Portsmouth.

They can help you to develop a plan that may include:

– 121 advice and recovery planning

– Counselling

– Psychosocial services

– Group therapy

– Opiate substitute prescribing

– Detox

– Community day rehab

– Sports and physical activities

– Volunteering opportunities

– Harm minimisation Including needle exchange

Chief Inspector Jim Pegler said: “We will continue to tackle drug dealing and its associated violence in Portsmouth by disrupting drug dealers’ activities and reduce the demand for them in the city; we are determined that people who bring drugs into Portsmouth feel that they are at constant risk of being stopped, arrested and generally disrupted.

“Drugs like crack cocaine and heroin do tremendous harm to the people whose lives are blighted by addiction. The gangs that sell these drugs often exploit vulnerable people as part of their business, including using children to run drugs or by taking over the homes of vulnerable people to deal from.

“We are sending a clear, strong message that we will identify the networks that cause the most harm and dismantle them. We will be relentless in tackling people who bring this misery to Portsmouth and we will continue to work in partnership to protect vulnerable people and children.”

We are keen to hear from anyone who is concerned about illegal drugs or drug-related crime in their neighbourhood.

The things to look out for are as follows:

– A sudden increase in visitors to a house or flat and people only staying for a very short time

– Short exchanges between small groups of people at or close to a flat or house

– Residents leaving a flat or house on numerous occasions throughout the day and returning a short time later

– People loitering in an area and using their mobile phones frequently

– New-looking or hire cars parked outside a house or flat that wouldn’t normally be there, and being driven by somebody that you wouldn’t normally associate with driving that style of car.