Six immigrants found in back of fruit lorry on A34

Police have successfully captured
Six immigrants found in the back of truck that is understood to have travelled from Spain using a police dog and other officers

Police stopped the vehicle at around 5am on the A34 after a motorist, driving behind the truck, spotted hands and arms sticking out from the vehicle.

Officers broke the lock on the vehicle and discovered the six had been in the truck for almost 12 hours.

Medical help was immediately called and the occupants of the truck have now been passed into the care of the immigration service after they had been taken into custody

A Hampshire Police source confirmed an investigation into the incident has now been launched.

He said: “We were called by a truck driver who was driving behind a foreign HGV. The driver could see hands and arms protruding from the side of the vehicle.

“”Officers intercepted the vehicle on the A34 on the Hampshire/Berkshire border

“The lock was removed from the truck and a Six were discovered.

“The occupants of the truck had been there since 3am on Thursday morning and had travelled from Spain. Colleagues from the ambulance service were summoned to provide medical assistance, as our primary concern was the welfare of the people.

“We wanted to ensure they receieved fluids and food, as we believed they had not eaten since getting in the truck.

“The occupants have now been taken to a place of safety and the immigration service are providing them with the care they need

Four men and two children were arrested for suspected immigration offences on Friday morning.

The Home Office confirmed the men, who were Iranian, were aged between 32 and 54.

It added the youngsters will be passed into the care of social services.

A spokesman said: “””Immigration Enforcement was contacted by Hampshire Police at about 5.45am after police officers attended an incident on the A34 at Winchester.

“The Home Office will progress the cases of all six people in accordance with immigration rules.

“Where someone has no right to remain in the UK, we will take action to remove them.