Major Power Cut Hits 5,000 homes in Southampton

major power cut hits 5000 homes in southampton

Homes and businesses in parts of Southampton are without power this morning (Monday) due to a network fault.

At around 8.10pm on Sunday evening electricity was cut to around 5,000 properties in 191 postcode areas, primarily SO14,SO17 and SO18

Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks say engineers are aware of the problem and aim to have power restored by 03:00.

Further information can be obtained by calling the new national powercut helpline number 105.

191 known affected area(s)
SO14 SO14 0DZ SO14 0EB SO14 0ED SO14 0EE SO14 0EF SO14 0EG SO14 0HD SO14 0JA SO14 0JD SO14 0JL SO14 0JN SO14 0JP SO14 0JR SO14 0JT SO14 0JZ SO14 0LN SO14 0SJ SO14 0TP SO14 6BD SO14 6FP SO14 6FR SO14 6FS SO14 6FT SO14 6FU SO14 6FW SO14 6FX SO14 6FZ SO14 6GA SO14 6GE SO14 6GF SO14 6GG SO14 6GH SO14 6GJ SO14 6GL SO14 6GN SO14 6GP SO14 6GQ SO14 6GR SO14 6GS SO14 6GT SO14 6GU SO14 6GW SO14 6GX SO14 6GY SO14 6GZ SO14 6HA SO14 6HB SO14 6HD SO14 6HE SO14 6HF SO14 6HG SO14 6HH SO14 6HJ SO14 6HL SO14 6HN SO14 6HP SO14 6HQ SO14 6HR SO14 6HS SO14 6HT SO14 6HU SO14 6HW SO14 6HX SO14 6HY SO14 6HZ SO14 6JA SO14 6QJ SO14 6QQ SO14 6QR SO14 6QS SO14 6QT SO14 6QU SO14 6QW SO14 6QX SO14 6QY SO14 6QZ SO14 6RA SO14 6RB SO14 6RD SO14 6RE SO14 6RF SO14 6RG SO14 6RH SO14 6RJ SO14 6RL SO14 6RQ SO14 6RR SO14 6RS SO14 6RT SO14 6RU SO14 6RY SO14 6SD SO14 6SE SO14 6SF SO14 6SG SO14 6SH SO14 6SJ SO14 6SY SO14 6TA SO14 6TB SO14 6TE SO14 6TF SO14 6TP SO14 6TR SO14 6TS SO14 6TT SO14 6TU SO14 6TW SO14 6TX SO14 6UF SO14 6UG SO14 6UL SO14 6US SO14 6UT SO14 6UW SO14 6UY SO14 6WA SO14 6WB SO14 6WD SO14 6WG SO14 6WH SO14 6WJ SO14 6WL SO14 6WN SO14 6WQ SO15 1DA SO15 2JJ SO15 2JL SO15 7NN SO16 2JE SO16 6AS SO16 6QR SO17 1AB SO17 1AD SO17 1AJ SO17 1AP SO17 1AU SO17 1AX SO17 1DA SO17 1DB SO17 1DF SO17 1DG SO17 1DH SO17 1DJ SO17 1DL SO17 1DN SO17 1DP SO17 1DU SO17 1DW SO17 1DX SO17 1DY SO17 1EH SO17 1EJ SO17 1EL SO17 1EN SO17 1EP SO17 1EQ SO17 1ER SO17 1ES SO17 1EU SO17 1EZ SO17 1GG SO17 1HD SO17 1HR SO17 1JT SO17 1LA SO17 1NT SO17 1NU SO17 1PW SO17 1QL SO17 1QN SO17 1QP SO17 1TX SO17 1UX SO17 1UY SO17 1UZ SO17 1WA SO17 1WB SO17 1WH SO17 1XF SO17 1XL SO17 1XN SO17 1XP SO17 1XQ SO17 1XR SO17 1XS SO17 1XT SO17 2NE SO17 2NF SO18 1JH

An update from Scottish and Southern :We have 2 faults affecting customers with an SO postcode which went off at very similar times. The first one happened at 00:03 and took off 2694 customers however this is now down to 600 customer. The second fault happened at 00:12 and took off 1794 customer however we got 1304 of these customers back on within 2 minutes meaning we now have 493 customers off on this fault. We now have 1093 customers still off and hope to have most of these restored by 3am.