Police in Rooftop Stand off with Man in Gosport

Police have sealed off a road in Gosport following reports that a man has climbed up on to the roof a property and is refusing to come down.

Police officers and other emergency services have rushed to Southcroft Road in Gosport after being alerted to the man who is sat on a roof of a property in the road.

Police have put up cordon tape in the road and have asked residents to stay indoors whilst they deal with the incident. It is unclear if the man is wanted for any offences by the Police.

Officers at the scene have now called in specialist police negotiator to strike up dialogue with the man. Police sealed the road off just after 4pm this afternoon

Police would like to reassure residents that there is no wider risk to the community and to thank them for their patience whilst they deal with the incident.’
A Police negotiator has successfully talked the trouble man down from the roof of the property and he has been placed into the side the of private ambulance to be assessed by mental health medics that have also been called to the incident. Many resident living in the road have said enough is enough that the man needs to be removed from the road the woman who asked to be quoted as a neighbour said ” He needs locking up and the key throwing away. Very unfair his behaviour to the local residents. I hope they get him the help he needs but stop him returning to the area so we can return to a quiet life”