Terror Raid Carried out in Brighton

terror raid carried out in brighton

Police have carried out out an anti-terrorism raid at a property in Brighton, which is linked with the terror attack in Westminster yesterday (March 22).

The Metropolitan Police Service Counter Terrorism Command is leading an investigation into the attack yesterday, which has led to ‘at least seven arrests and property searches in London, Brighton, Birmingham and Wales’. Police have confirmed that no arrests have been made following the raid at the property that was carried out this morning by armed officers.
The Met Police issued a statement this evening (March 23), in relation to its investigation of the attack in London yesterday (March 22).

A police spokesperson said: “Detectives are continuing to search a number of addresses linked to the investigation: One in Carmarthenshire; Three in Birmingham; One in east London. Searches at addresses in Brighton and south east London have concluded.”

The police said it had made eight arrests at properties in London and Birmingham – but no arrests have been made in Brighton.

The spokesperson added: “The investigation by the Met’s Counter Terrorism Command into the terrorist attack on Wednesday continues to develop at a fast pace and involves hundreds of detectives.”