Mum releases Pictures after averting a House Fire

mum releases pictures after averting a house fire

Mum releases Pictures after averting a House Fire: IN her own Words:
This kids is why us parents tell you not to leave your phone/iPod charging underneath your pillow. Chloe ,Eve and Fergie you are all very lucky girls that this didn’t end up serious or worse end up killing yourselves and the rest of your family in your stupidity. I have told you time and time again never to have your phone/iPod left charging under your pillow as the heat from the charge can’t escape. Now look what’s happened and you showed no remorse or emotion this morning at the consequences of what could have happened. Well as of today I no longer trust you as a 16 year old girl but will treat you as a 5 year old child. All electrical items have been removed from your bedroom and you wish to use your hair dryer or straighteners or curlers you ask permission and return after use. Your bedroom is no longer your doss hole it’s a place to sleep and get changed. You will sit downstairs with the rest of your family and interact with us. Just count your blessings that we are still alive for me to do this to you and punish you for your irresponsible behavior. Things could have been a whole lot different come this morning!!!!!!!!