Cowes Lifeboat launched after suspected missing person

six hurt after serious crash near wimbourne

The Cowes Lifeboat was ordered to be launched at 2am to a possible person missing from the Red Eagle Car Ferry. The person was located ashore, and the call turned out to be a false alarm.

The search was stood down, although Police enquires are continuing.

Tom Wyeth, Station Officer of The Needles Coastguard Rescue Team has said:

“The passenger [aged in his 30s] was quite heavily intoxicated and had been sick several times on board the ferry. Staff were concerned for his welfare after he wandered off and couldn’t be found, nor had anyone witnessed him disembark the ferry at East Cowes.

“After trawling through CCTV footage of the crossing, it appears he befriended 2 people who gave him a lift off the ferry. Although the CCTV doesn’t show him getting into a car, he walked towards the cars and we are 99% certain he got in one.”
Emergency teams returned to station at just before 03:30.