Man with a Scam

Residents are being urged to take care over who they pay to dispose of household waste.

From black bin bags to van-loads of construction material, Havant Borough Council (HBC) has recorded 961 incidents of fly tipping between January 2016 and January 2017.

HBC’s Neighbourhood Quality Team is keen to make householders more wary of individuals or small businesses that offer to take away waste for a seemingly small fee.

Businesses that carry waste should be registered with the Environment Agency as licensed waste carriers; this license is paid for and allows them to legally dispose of waste.

By law, individuals have a duty of care to take reasonable measures to ensure that waste produced on their property is passed on to an authorised body who will dispose of the waste responsibly.

If unlawfully dumped waste can be traced back to its original source a fine can be issued.

Natalie Meagher, Head of Neighbourhood Support, said: “If the price seems too good to be true, then it probably is and residents should beware that it could cost them much more in the end.

“Always ask the waste carrier to complete a ‘waste transfer notice’ that gives you a written and signed record of what waste is being removed, who is removing it and when it was removed. Alternatively, you can create your own capturing the information above.”

The maximum penalty on conviction for a fly tipping offence is £25,000 and a one year prison sentence.

The council regularly fines fly tippers, but it also needs help from the public to catch people in the act. Anyone who witnesses a fly tipping incident, especially if they can provide a vehicle registration, is urged to contact the council on 023 9244 6011 or through the online report-it feature.

HBC also offers a bulky waste collection service; prices vary according to the nature of the collection. Please contact Customer Services on 023 9244 6010 for more information.