10K reward offered to Catch M25 Cat Killer

10k reward offered to catch m25 cat killer

The mutilated body of a second cat has been found in Portsmouth,

The first cat, a Tortoiseshell, was found last week, decapitated, and it’s tail removed, in the garden of a neighbour of the owner in Milton, just off the Eastern Road. Evidence links the mutilated body to the M25 cat killer.

The second cat was discovered just off Stubbington Avenue, in Copnor, on Monday.

South Norwood Animal Rescue and Liberty – SNARL (SNARL), who have been leading the investigation into the notorious M25 cat killer, are still waiting to look at the second cat, but it is looking increasingly likely to be connected to the poor Milton Cat.

It is believed that the M25 cat killer – who has struck mainly in the M25 area – has also targetted cats, foxes, rabbits and birds as far afield as Sheffield, Manchester and possibly the Isle-of-Wight. The M25 Cat Killer is thought to have killed, dismembered and decapitated more than 250 cats, beginning in 2014 in Croydon.

“We know they’re done by the same person because the cuts are from the same sort of hand. If a different person did them they would make the cuts in different places,” a spokeswoman for SNARL said.

“He has a few signature mutilations – he always cuts off the heads, paws or tails of the cats – or cuts them in half. There are a couple of other signatures we haven’t released to the media to ensure we don’t get copycat killings.

“It’s not us deciding they’re the same person. That’s what the results of the post-mortems and forensic evidence say.”

The animal charity PETA initally offered a £5,000 reward, which has since been matched by Outpaced, creating a £10,000 cash reward leading to the arrest and conviction of the culprit.