City Council Vandalise their own Fence

city council vandalise their own fence

Council tenants throughout the city have been left puzzled, astonished and furious by the latest antics of Portsmouth City Council.
Whilst tenants have to wait weeks – or in some cases months – for maintenance work to be carried out on their properties, Council contractors sprang into action yesterday, to (badly) paint over a slogan painted on the side of the controversial Arts Lodge & Park Cafe.
The slogan, ‘People Not Profit’ was spray painted on the fence outside the derelict building – closed by the Council despite overwhelming public opposition – after the Council painted over a colourful mural two months ago, in a fit of municipal vandalism.
In less than 24-hours, usually sluggish and incompetent Council contractors managed to complete all of their job order paperwork (no doubt in triplicate!) and find the time to visit the site on the Easter Bank Holiday, to cover over the slogan. Although their paint job, in typical Council fashion, looks like it’s been done by a four-year-old!
Pete Driver, who spotted the amateurish council handywork said “Profesional painters needed for PCC – and more money for the right colour, and enough to finish the job – only bits of this fence were painted.”
“They even couldn`t do that right – half a job and looks an eyesore. What a very sorry state of affairs…So SAD!” he added.