Hampshire Police Fail to respond to Fourth decapitated Cat found in Portsmouth

hampshire police fail to respond to fourth decapitated cat found in portsmouth

A fourth decapitated cat has been found in Portsmouth, this time in Marmion Road, Southsea.
When the resident who made the gruesome discovery attempted to report it to Hampshire Constabulary they refused to take the report, instead trying to refer him to Portsmouth City Council.
This is despite the fact that the Metropolitan Police have an ongoing serious investigation into the murder and mutilation of over 250 cats – with one confirmed, and now another three possible incidents connected to the case in Portsmouth.
The resident who found the poor puss posted on Facebook earlier, “””I’ve contacted Hampshire Constabulary to inform them that a cat has been purposely decapitated down Marmion Road. Apparently it’s a council problem not ‘a police issue’!!! Absolutely unbelievable! What kind of absolute vile c**t does that?!”
Before sending an angry message to Hampshire Constabulary [pictured] he added, “Just spoke to the guy dealing with the case now. He’s coming down to collect and examine the body tonight. He said that the Met Police have looked into it and that Hampshire Constabulary should have acted upon it!
“I’m so happy my tax money pays for them to sit there handing out speeding tickets and not trying to catch some obviously deranged individual!! Any boys in blue reading this take note! This is why no one calls you anymore, because you’re as useful as a chocolate fire guard!”

We contacted Hampshire Police for a comment and the spokeswoman refused to comment.

UPDATE :19th April 2017
Police have now issued the Following : We received a report that the cat was found beheaded.

This incident is being linked to two other occurrences in the force area, in which cats have been killed.

One incident happened overnight on 3 April, into 4 April, in Atlanta Close, Southsea and the other incident happened overnight on 22 July 2016, into 23 July 2016, in Avenue Road, Sandown, on the Isle of Wight.

We believe these incidents may be linked to Op Takahe, a series of cat deaths in the Croydon / M25 area and is being investigated by the Metropolitan Police Service.

Sergeant Tony Jeacock said: “I would like to reassure the public that we are investigating the incident and following all possible leads.

“I would encourage anyone who is aware of any other cats that have been killed, to call 101”