Muppet who moaned about Prison Wifi faces Robbery Charges

muppet who moaned about prison wifi faces robbery charges

Police have charged 32-year-old Adam Ghali from Upper Green Road, St Helens with robbery following an incident at The Co-Operative in West Street, Ryde on Saturday night.

Ghali hit the headline in 2011 whilst serving time for an unrelated charge posting on social media that HM Prison Camp Hill was great except the wifi was crap. Scumbag Ghali entered the local corner shop at around 9pm before threatening staff and demanding cash from the tills.

Local resident Neville Browne tackled the offender to the ground as he fled from the store. Mr Browne was bit and the offender escaped, but Police made an arrest on the other side of Ryde town just minutes later.

Hampshire Constabulary have confirmed that Mr Ghali was remanded in custody over the weekend and appeared before the Isle of Wight Magistrates Court yesterday (Monday). He has been further remanded to appear before the Isle of Wight Crown Court on 15th May.

We await an update from the fraggle on his facebook following his remand into Custody