Shocking footage showing a man beating his Dog viewed over 12 million Times

shocking footage showing a man beating his dog viewed over 12 million times

Shocking footage has captured the moment a man punches his dog in the face before throwing it to the ground.

The disturbing video, which has been viewed more than 12.5 million times on Facebook, shows the man attacking his pet on a street in Greater Manchester.

At first, the man is shown walking the dog in Oldham when suddenly the dog stops in its tracks.

The man then pulls at the lead of the dog, who is believed to be called Narla, to get it to move along before stopping to crouch alongside it.
Suddenly, the man starts to throw vicious punches which connect with the dog’s face.
He then grabs the dog and picks it up before throwing it to the ground, before continuing to punch the dog.
The footage, taken on Monday, has been shared and uploaded by a number of users but appears to have been first uploaded by Misha Javed.