Southsea Cafe Falls victim to Break In

southsea cafe falls victim to break in

A fifth Southsea café has become the victim in a spate of recent break-ins during the early hours of Monday mornings.
It comes as a double-shock to the owners of Smile Cafe in Marmion Road, as they were just off on long overdue weeks holiday when the break-in was discovered.
The window panel on the front door had been smashed and the entire wooden bottom panel had been caved in. Luckily nothing of value is kept on the premises overnight.
Smile are the latest victims in a worrying crime wave that has hit family-run, independent eateries in a very small area of Southsea. Jam & Bowler in Victoria Road South, HUIS in Elm Grove, and – both on the same morning – Sopranos Restaurant in Palmerston Road and Sant-yago Southsea in Clarendon Road, have all suffered early-morning intruders in recent weeks.
Grahame and Sheena, who run Smile café said, “Not what you want to find the morning of your holiday!
“Luckily we don’t leave anything of any value on the premises, so nothing was taken. It’s more of an inconvenience and cost to repair, especially as a small, independent business.
“Don’t worry we’ll be back in business by the time we open again on the 23rd May!”
Anyone who was in the area at the time, or may have seen something suspicious, no matter how small, is asked to call Portsmouth police on 101