Attempted Child Abduction in Portchester

attempted child abduction in portchester

Portchester Hatherley Crescent Wicor Primary School just after the children came out at 3:30 pm on Monday after. A year 5 female pupil was walking alone.
A black saloon car driven by a white, middle-aged man stopped beside her, leaned over and opened up the passenger side door and asked if the girl was lost, then was beckoning her to get in.
Luckily the girl didn’t and was sensible enough to walk on and report it straight to her parents who were waiting across from the Seagull for her.
The Police have been informed and have spoken to the family, her dad has asked me to put this on social media and get it shared. If anyone saw the incident or may know who this driver was, could you please ring 101 and report it to Hampshire Police.
Police have confirmed a report was made at 4.25pm yesterday and anyone with information is asked to call 101 quoting 441 7019 2461.