Petty Resident Complains over Police Car Parking as Man with Knife is Arrested

petty resident complains over police car parking as man with knife is arrested

Police Forced to apology following a complaint about the way a police car  was parked ?. Yes you are reading this right given the current climate. A  petty residents who got blocked in by the badly parked Police car called and made anofficiall complaint. Officers took to social media toexplainn their action as a report of a man with a knife was on the loose in the area.
Earlier today the officer driving this marked vehicle was the first officer (Single crewed) on scene and subsequently arrested a male following reports of him threatening people with a knife.
Sometimes with incidents such as these our officers have to park up and get out quickly to deal with the incident reported as every second counts. This sometimes means that our vehicles are not always parked as perfectly as we would like to be which is evident here.
We sincerely apologise if this caused inconvenience to residents.
Thank you.