Breaking: M25 Cat Killer Strikes Again in Portsmouth

breaking m25 cat killer strikes again in portsmouth

We are both saddened and sickened to reveal that two further cats have been found mutilated locally – this time both in the PO3 area. Working closely with the amazing team at South Norwood Animal Rescue and Liberty – SNARL – who have led the investigation into the notorious M25 cat killer – can now reveal further information.

“Towards the end of last week a man found the head of a cat in Kiln Road, PO3 area of Portsmouth,” Boudiccia Rising from SNARL

“Subsequent to the notification and now understanding what he had seen, the witness went back to try to locate the head. Although the search was unsuccessful he found the cat’s body a short distance away. A very big thanks to the witness for his efforts during a busy work day.”

The cat’s owner, who asked to remain anonymous for the sake of her children Said: “Our cat was found beheaded last week and confirmed as the same MO as the cat killer. Need to raise awareness so someone may spot anyone acting suspiciously.

“We don’t want our children to find out that their cat died like this.”

On 18 May SNARL were notified that another decapitated cat had been found in Lyndhurst Road, again in the PO3 area.

“Thanks to The Fox Project’s prompt action in calling us the body of a young tabby male was retrieved and secured by Waste Services and the Council. Efforts continue to identify this cat,” SNARL said.

“Both of these cases are being investigated under Operation Takahe.”

Operation Takahe is the Metropolitan Police’s dedicated team in charge of investigating the M25 cat killer. These two new shocking cases follow other recent feline mutilations locally:

  • Marmion Road, Southsea 16th April – 17th April
  • Atalanta Close, Milton 3rd April – 4th April
  • Avenue Road, Sandown, 21st – 22 July 2016

“We believe these incidents may be linked to Operation Takahe, a series of cat deaths in the Croydon / M25 area and is being investigated by the Metropolitan Police Service,” Sergeant Tony Jeacock said.

“I would like to reassure the public that we are investigating the incidents and following all possible leads.”

With the latest reported case of these two poor mutilated cats being found in Copnor, we continue to urge all cat owners to keep their pets indoors at night at this time. As rabbits and birds have also been targeted please ensure all pens and cages are secured, or brought indoors.

We urge everyone to remain vigilant. If you are unlucky enough to find the mutilated body of a cat, rabbit, bird, or fox or other wild animal, please report it immediately to the Metropolitan Police and South Norwood Animal Rescue and Liberty – SNARL.

If you find any mutilated bodies or body parts please contact SNARL on 07961 030 064 / 07957 830 490 and the Operation Takahe team at the Met Police on 0208 649 0216. If you have any information on the possible identity of the culprit, or any information that may lead to their capture, please contact the Operation Takahe team on 0208 649 0216, or the RSPCA on 0300 123 4999, or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

A £10,000 Reward has been offered for the conviction of the brutal and sadistic M25 Cat Killer.