Marwell Zoo on Lockdown after Monkey Escape

Monkey business at a Hampshire zoo today after it was placed on lockdown after two Macaques escaped from their enclosure.
About 1,300 people visiting Marwell Zoo, near Winchester, were told to stay indoors while keepers searched for the missing Old World monkeys.
They were caught after about ten minutes but a member of the public thought they saw another Macaque near the flamingo park, but this was discovered to be a false alarm.
Whilst sociable animals, often kept as pets, nearly all Macaques are carriers of the herpes B virus. This virus is harmless to macaques, but infections of humans, while rare, are potentially fatal. They also carried simian foamy virus, suggesting they could be involved in the species-to-species jump of similar retroviruses to humans.
Emergency procedures were put in place at the 140-acre site – home to hundreds of animals including Giraffes, Tigers and cheeky little Penguins.
Visitors were ushered into restaurants, toilet blocks and a gift shop and kept indoors until it was deemed safe for them to go out.
One of those who turned to social media said, “Locked in the shop at Marwell Zoo due to an incident. Don’t know what’s going on. Staff very efficient.”
A Marwell spokesman said two adult Macaques escaped just after 12.30pm and were caught within a 30-metre radius of their enclosure.
An investigation has been launched into how the monkeys escaped from their closure, which is surrounded by an electrified fence.