Has Isle of Wight Council Been Exposed of Distributing Fake News?

has isle of wight council been exposed of distributing fake news

The Isle of Wight council appears to be next in line for distributing fake news after publicly posting on their facebook page that the floating bridge will not run in the morning as a precaution due to ‘expected weather conditions’.

The Floating Bridge to the Isle of Wight Council is a bit like the SNAP election is to Theresa May.

But residents have spoken out on their page, and understandably considering the weeks of failed crossings and unreliable service. It turns out the reason it had been suspended is because it has run aground in East Cowes and actually has nothing to do with weather conditions. Maybe they meant tidal troubles. This is the second time it has happened in a matter of days and it is also understood a restrictions with using supporting chains and the reason for the extra slack chains causing it to drag out into the Solent.

We have also understood that the Jenny Lee is also unavailable and has been replaced by small tenders.

We have approached the Isle of Wight Council for clarification in respect of the Post.