Traffic Ham on the M27 After after Pigs Escape

Traffic ham! Runaway pigs bring motorway to a standstill as they break out of a farm and dash across the busy carriageway.
Two pigs broke loose from their home and stormed their way on to a busy motorway bringing traffic to a standstill.

Police were called to rescue the farm animals after they were seen on the M27 at Junction 9, near Fareham, Hampshire.

Traffic was halted on the westbound carriageway for about 20 minutes as officers and members of the public chased the squealing animals on the road.

Both animals were captured and Hampshire Police thanked members of the public for helping to catch the runaways.

The pigs have now been returned to their home.

Hampshire Roads Policing said: ‘We were dealing with two pigs on the M27 motorway at junction 9 westbound. Traffic was stopped.

‘The pigs have been captured, the traffic has now been released. Thank you for your patience.

‘Both pigs are fine. A big thank you to members of the public for helping us capture the animals.’