Two Portsmouth Tower Blocks Stripped of Cladding following Tests

two portsmouth tower blocks stripped of cladding following tests

Cladding is to be stripped from two Portsmouth high rises after tests carried out on Tuesday have revealed they are a fire risk. Portsmouth City Council has confirmed that cladding on Horatia House and Leamington House, both in Somerstown, is to the clad removed following the tragic incident in west London.

As reported yesterday, samples from the two high-rise blocks where amongst 600 nationwide sent to the Department for Communities and Local Government.

Worried residents are asked to call 023 9282 4244 or visit the local area housing office at Somerstown Hub which will be open until 8pm tonight and from 8am until 5pm all weekend.

We repeat calls, backed by Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service, for all 13 of the city’s tower blocks to be fitted with sprinkler systems as a matter of urgency.