Three Men arrested for Modern Day Slavery Offences in Portsmouth, Southampton and Basingstoke

three men arrested for modern day slavery offences in portsmouth southampton and basingstoke

Police have made three arrests as part of modern day slavery operation in Hampshire this week.

Officers have been working with partner agencies to visit addresses linked with the sex trade as part ongoing work to tackle modern day slavery this week.

The week of action aims to identify and safeguard victims of modern day slavery working in the sex trade in Hampshire. It is also an opportunity to gather information and intelligence relating to any associated trafficking and organised crime.

Multi-agency teams including sexual health and modern day slavery support workers from the Medaille Trust visited premises in Portsmouth, Southampton, and Basingstoke on four separate days during the week commencing Monday 26 June

Officers visited nine addresses during the course of the operation, gave safeguarding advice to 10 women and arrested three men.

Detective Inspector Tim Chappell who has been leading this week’s activity said: “This activity focuses heavily on safeguarding potential victims of modern slavery. We have a specialist team in force trained to work with victims of modern slavery, these officers will be leading the visits.

“Alongside our partners we are showing potential victims that there is help and support available to escape from a life of modern slavery. They may come from countries where the relationship with the police and other authorities is very different to the UK and may not know who to turn to or how to contact them for help.

“Although the focus of this operation is not on prosecuting the commercial sex worker, we have made arrests in connection with controlling exploitation.”