Jaguar Cub takes first steps outside at Paradise Wildlife Park.

jaguar cub takes first steps outside at paradise wildlife park

Keira (Jaguar cub) has taken her first steps outside today (Friday 7 th July)

with mother Kedera and quickly adapted to her new surroundings,

playing amongst the bamboo and climbing on beams.

Keira was born on 2 nd April 2017, as Paradise Wildlife Park celebrated

the launch of its new charity, the Zoological Society of Hertfordshire,

this is the first Jaguar cub born at Paradise Wildlife Park. And it’s

currently the only Jaguar cub in the UK.
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The cub’s parents, Kumal and Kedera were first introduced 18 months

ago and hit it off from the start. Keira is now on view to the public in a

separate part of the enclosure to father Kumal, so cub and Mother can

bond and that Keira can grow & develop her confidence with smaller

climbing enrichment before the extension is built onto their home.

Jaguars are classified as ‘near threatened’ by the International Union for

Conservation of Nature (IUCN) so this is a real cause for celebration.

However, keepers are keeping a close eye on mother and cub as with

most baby wild animals it is a vulnerable time! So far, our keepers are

very happy with the cub’s progress.

Paradise is one of only two zoos in the UK, and one of six in Europe,

recommended to breed Jaguars, as part of the EEP (European

Endangered Species Programme).

ZSH Director, Lynn Whitnall, said;

“We are all delighted that Keira has now had her final inoculations from

the vet and is now outside playing and having fun in the sun. The

breeding programmes at Paradise Wildlife Park have achieved some

fantastic results over the years, especially amongst our Big Cats.

“I’m incredibly proud for all the staff and keepers at Paradise whose hard

work and dedication have led to this – not to mention Kumal and Kedera

(the cub’s parents) of course! It’s a wonderful way to welcome the launch

of our new charity Zoological Society of Hertfordshire (ZSH).”

Paradise Wildlife Park is now working on extending the size of its Jaguar

exhibit, creating more space for the mother and cub.

About Paradise Wildlife Park

Paradise Wildlife Park was formed in 1984 and is already well known for

its animal breeding and conservation work. To date, the Park has made

contributions of over £5,000,000 to conservation projects and wildlife

causes in the UK and around the world, as well as other charities and

good causes. It is also part of the European Endangered Species Breeding

Programme, with successful Jaguar, African Penguin, Lar Gibbon, Cotton

Top Tamarin, Silvery Marmoset and Red Ruff Lemur births in the past

year alone. With recommendations to breed Snow Leopards and Red


Paradise was also the first zoo in Europe to receive a double Platinum

Award for funds raised for the EAZA Tiger Conservation Initiative and is a

Platinum Award winner for funds raised for the Lemur and Madagascan

EAZA appeal. It is an active member of the British, European and World