Fake Facebook message warns users not to accept Jayden K Smith hacker

fake facebook message warns users not to accept jayden k smith hacker

A hoax Facebook warning is urging users to avoid accepting a friend request from a user named Jayden K Smith because he is a hacker.
Longer versions of this hoax claim accepting the user will result in your account getting hacked.
This appears to be the latest in a string of fake hacker warnings, none of which have any validity.
Such warnings are popular on social media – those that warn of a nefarious hacker who will compromise your security should you accept them into your digital life.
And as we have stated a number of times, such warnings make little sense.
You cannot be “hacked” just for accepting a friend requests, and if such warnings were true, why wouldn’t Facebook remove such offending accounts before such warnings had a chance to go viral?
They are equally as false as claims by some that IP addresses can be obtained via Facebook – they can’t, unless you obtain a court order.
These types of warnings have been around long before Facebook, affecting users of now defunct services such as MSN Messenger, where users would pass on warnings of phantom Messenger hackers trying to add themselves into your contact list.
Such warnings were equally as spurious as their more recent Facebook counterparts.