Help Needed after Selfish Parents Blank Boy with Autism Birthday Party

help needed after selfish parents blank boy with autism birthday party

This is Ben, my son, he is 10 and has high-functioning Autism,.
He has a heart of gold and just wants to be friends with people but his Autism makes it extremely difficult for him to achieve this.
High-Functioning Autism makes him a little different to the rest of his classmates and because of it he is often kicked and punched and is called nasty names amongst other things, none of which are good.
He is the child that never gets invited to other children’s birthday parties, that sits alone in the playground, that doesn’t have anybody round for tea and nobody to go out to play with.
On a previous birthday I hosted a birthday party for him, inviting around 25 children. He was so excited and really looking forward to it.
Only two parents replied to the invitations I sent out but the party was arranged and paid for and Ben was excited about it so there was no way I could cancel it, I wrongly presumed that a few more would just turn up on the day but at least two were coming which was better than none at all.
Everything was set up and Ben sat there eagerly waiting for everyone to turn up. 2pm came and went and nobody had arrived.
Ben sat there saying repeating over and over “They will come in a minute won’t they mum?” He still thought they would show up to help celebrate his special day.
By 2.30pm he was getting more and more anxious and visibly upset, he kept asking me where everybody was. I just didn’t know what to say to him. It was obvious at this point that nobody was coming!
It was the most heartbreaking moment ever not only for me but for him to. This day had a lasting effect on him for a very long time, he was devastated, it knocked his self confidence, heightened his anxiety and is something he will always remember.
This year I want him to have a birthday to remember and hopefully undo the damage of the previous birthdays which has had a lasting effect on him
Can I ask you from the bottom of my heart if you would kindly consider sending him a birthday card for his “11th” birthday that is in the 15th July 2017 to put a big smile on his face and make this birthday one to remember for the rest of his life!!!
If you can help, cards can be sent to:-
Ben Jackson
35 Dunn Close
If are unable to send a card could I ask you to share this post far and wide please.
Thank you so much
Lisa x

A Gofund me pages has been sent up for Ben as well :