Milo the Cat Shot with Pellet Gun in Fratton,Portsmouth

milo the cat shot with pellet gun in frattonportsmouth

“To the insensitive and psychologically messed up person that decided my poor Milo was a fun target, you’d better hope I never catch you.” The words of distresses cat owner
Some time between Friday night and Saturday morning, a sick individual did this to Mile.He was shot a number of times with a pellet gun. Now he’s in pain and will be for quite a while, but thankful his injuries will heal.
Were are so you bored? Did you think it’d be funny? Well it’s not funny, its barbaric!
He’s friendly and gentle, he wouldn’t hurt you or another animal. He is loved. He’s a member of my family and seeing him in this pain is heartbreaking.
The distressed owner has spoken out to warn other pet owners in and around the Shakespeare Road, Fratton – and to hopefully make you understand that your actions have consequences. You’ve made my poor Milo suffer for no reason other than your own entertainment and that is not okay!
Please, keep a close eye on your cats, I’d hate for any other cats to have to go through what he’s going through.