If only your need to read this

From a follower in his own words:
I have been thinking for some time about posting this so here goes! Please feel free to share it in order to raise awareness and save lives! It only takes a few seconds to share!!

I am a tubby, pale, middle aged man of 52 years of age.

I have had an operation, a catheter, scars that can be seen and scars that are invisible. I’m currently in the last week of 6 months of chemotherapy.

Why am I posting this?

During 2016, I felt very tired and had seen a change in bowel motions. Despite visiting my doctor on 4 separate occasions last year, I was diagnosed with a low iron count and told to eat more red meat to raise it.

However, this diagnosis was completely wrong. The low iron count was due to Bowel Cancer.

If my doctor had simply taken a blood test and referred it for a CEA test (the blood test for Bowel Cancer) or provided me with a Bowel Cancer screening kit (a check for blood in the poo), then we would have caught my cancer at a much earlier, manageable stage. My GP could have then referred me for a colonoscopy (camera up the bottom) to identify the extent of my cancer.

Instead I have been given a staging of 3 with evidence of cancer cells in my lymph nodes. This could have been so different with earlier detection and referral!!

There are 5 key symptoms of Bowel Cancer. I urge all of you to take 3-4 minutes to read it.

It may save your life one day.

If you do have any of the 5 symptoms as listed on the UK’s Bowel Cancer website, particularly any evidence of blood in the faeces (that’s poo to me and you) or on the toilet paper, then please ask your GP to carry out the necessary checks – CEA blood test, Bowel Cancer Screening test and finally a colonoscopy.

Insist upon it – don’t let your Doctor fob you off!! It is better to be safe than sorry.

If I had known all of this earlier, my prognosis and treatment would have been so different.

As it was my cancer was free to grow inside of my bowel for a further 8 months!

So that is my story!

I’m sorry for being so serious but it’s worth pointing out that 1 in 14 of men will be diagnosed with Bowel Cancer in their lifetime; for women, it is 1 in 19!

If you read and share my post, it may just save your life or that of a Facebook friend. I truly hope so in order to spare you and your family the anguish and uncertainty of what I and other cancer sufferers have to go through.

Thanks for your time, Mark

PS Share the hell out of this to raise Bowel Cancer Awareness.