New HSBC Phishing Scam Email in circulation

new hsbc phishing scam email in circulation

This is a scam if you are unlucky enough to get an email like this delete it
Do not click on the link

This email, which purports to be from large UK financial entity HSBC, claims that the recipient’s account need accessing to new security features for online banking According to the message, the account holder must click a link to correctly login to the banking website in order to restore account access.

However, the email is not from HSBC and the claim that the account has been suspended is a lie. The message is a phishing scam designed to trick the recipient into divulging his or her banking details to cybercriminals. If a user falls for the ruse and clicks the link in the message, he or she will be taken to a bogus webpage designed to look like the genuine HSBC website and asked to provide a user ID: