Hundreds left stranded after fire break out on train near Burnham

hundreds left stranded after fire break out on train near burnham

Emergency services have been called to a train fire in Burnham this evening. A multi agency response took place just before midnight on Wednesday after a fire broke out in the drivers cab of a train near Burnham

The fire onboard the train has effected a number of services by a number of operators.
it is understood that the fire has broken out in the drivers cab of the train.
All passengers on board safe the fife Ted service are reported to be safe and well. Fire commanders are now working with network rail and British transport Police. it is understood that South central ambulance service have sent a number of resources to the scene near Burnham railway station.

Network rail has said “All lines are currently blocked so disruption is expected out of Paddington. ”
The situation is caused by a train on fire near Burnham. Fire brigade is currently dealing with the incident.”

Network rail have issued the following update stating services are likely to be effected until at least 3am: The following services have been effected:
Heathrow Express
Heathrow Connect
Great Western Railway

Due to a train fire between Maidenhead and Slough this is causing disruption to trains between Reading / Heathrow Airport and London Paddington.
Trains between these stations may be delayed by up to 90 minutes, cancelled or amended.
This is expected to continue until 4am.

UPDATE: It is understood that the fire has now nbeen safely exstingshed by fire crews but the lines and delays are likely to continue as Network train and the train operator has to carry out an inspection of the damage and have the defective train moved from the line.

Royal Berkshire Fire said:

A swift response from firefighters and partner agencies ensured passengers were kept safe following a small engine fire on a train.

The train was near Burnham and travelling to London Paddington when a small fire broke out in the rear engine of the passenger train.

Group Manager Dom Manton, who was RBFRS’ Incident Commander at the scene of the fire, said: “The response to this fire was very well organised, ensuring that passengers were kept safe at all times.

“We worked closely with the Rail Incident Officer, British Transport Police and South Central Ambulance Service to ensure that the incident could be dealt with as quickly as possible.”

At 11.21pm on Wednesday 26 July, Thames Valley Fire Control Service received reports of the fire.

Crews from Slough, Maidenhead, Bracknell fire stations and a Buckinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service crew from Aylesbury Fire Station were sent to the scene.

Upon arrival, firefighters worked closely with rail incident officers to tackle the fire safely. Two firefighters wearing breathing apparatus used CO2 extinguishers and one hose reel to extinguish the small fire.

After the fire was extinguished, the train was moved to Slough Fire Station so all passengers could leave the train safely and continue with their journeys. It was then moved to a storage bay near Paddington where it was inspected by London Fire Brigade to ensure that there were no further signs of fire.