B&M Come to Rescue of Gosport Girl after She lost her Birthday Money

bm come to rescue of gosport girl after she lost her birthday money

Yesterday we published and shared the heartbreaking story of a little girl who lost her birthday money on a trip to B&M. Well, the store pulled-out all the stops to save this young lady’s birthday. Top work guys!
We’ll let Mum, Dana Squibb, tell the full story:
It was my daughter’s 10th birthday on the Friday 28th July and on Saturday 29th July we went to B&M in Newgate Lane, Fareham so she could spend some of her birthday money on some Jo Jo bows that she wanted.
Grace had £50 in her hand and we had only been in the store for around 10-15 minutes and she managed to lose £40 of it. As soon as we realised I ran round to the two aisles we had been in, we had staff checking too but we couldn’t find it.
I left my number with the staff hoping that someone may have picked it up and was going to hand it in. My husband also put a post on our local Facebook page, so many generous people offered Grace money which were lovely gestures but we didn’t accept.
The manager at the B&M store saw and commented on the post and said he was checking CCTV but to no avail. He then inboxed my husband with such a lovely offer I almost cried!
So today we went back to B&M. We didn’t tell Grace what it was for and this is what happened.
Robert, Simon, Milly and their amazing staff gave Grace a “girlie bundle” which included some Jo Jo bows that she had previously wanted to purchase along with a card with money in it too!
Not ONLY that but Grace also received money from friends and even a friend of my cousin after he saw my cousin had shared our post!
Thank you Paula, Danny & Nadene and Adam, thank you Robert and Simon and their amazing staff at B&M and thank you for all who commented with kind words and offers to replace Grace’s money!
You made our little girls day! I honestly don’t think her smile could get any bigger!!! ?