Major Rescue Operation involving 70 people on the Mourne Mountains Northern Ireland

major rescue operation involving 70 people on the mourne mountains northern ireland

UK Coastguard is currently assisting with a large scale incident involving up to 70 people in the Mourne Mountains, Northern Ireland.

The MOD have confirmed 40 army cadets aged between 12-17 have gotten into difficulty whilst camping
PSNI and Northern Ireland Ambulance Service contacted UK Coastguard just before 12pm today (2 August) requesting assistance after receiving several reports that a large number of people were in difficulty after being caught out in inclement weather. Initial reports suggest that all members of the group are accounted for, however four people may be suffering from exposure.

Newcastle, Bangor and Kilkeel Coastguard Rescue Teams, and the UK Coastguard search and rescue helicopters based at Caernarfon and Prestwick are on scene. Also on scene is the Irish Coastguard Rescue 116 helicopter, Mourne Mountain Rescue Team, PSNI and NI Ambulance Service. The three helicopters are currently situated at Donard Park due to poor weather conditions and will support casualty evacuation as further information comes in.
The incident is still ongoing
Mourne Mountains Rescue Team spokesperson said: ‘The team are currently on a callout assisting a group. At present the members of the group are being guided by the team to nearby road access.
‘NIAS are in attendance to provide any medical support required.”

Information from the scene: Seventeen people are understood to be suffering from hypothermia