Co-op remove staff member after being found to be convicted Sex offender

Co-op Southern have this morning confirmed that they have removed a frontline member of staff from one of their Portsmouth stores and have launched an internal investigation. This comes after they had been made aware that a man know as Francis Knight was working form them. It is understood that the convicted. Sex offender has managed to gain employment with the group and had failed to disclose on his application that he was in fact a convicted sex offender and also on the Sex offenders register. Knight is a danger to families and is also a repeat offender. He was until this morning working at CO-OP ON NORTHERN PARADE PORTSMOUTH, as well as providing temp cover at the CO-OP ON TANGIER ROAD PORTSMOUTH. Co-op thanked the public for making them aware and removed the man from the store as soon as being made aware.

For those not aware of this man:In 2013, Knight created and cloned online profiles of teenage girls to lure the boys into carrying out his sick demands
The court was told that even AFTER he was arrested and charged, FRANCIS KNIGHT who then worked at Tesco carried on offending.

Prosecutor Jane Terry said Knight’s modus operandi was to SEND FRIEND REQUESTS, UNDER THE CLONED IDENTITIES, to a group of people who knew each other, LULLING THE VICTIMS INTO A FALSE SENSE OF SECURITY, as they believed they had friends in common.

Jailing him for 16 months overall, for 18 counts – INCLUDING INCITING CHILDREN TO ENGAGE IN SEXUAL ACTIVITY AND MAKING INDECENT IMAGES OF CHILDREN – Judge John Dixon called Knight’s actions ‘calculated and artful’.

He added: ‘These incidents caused considerable distress. What’s worse is that in those online exchanges you had with those boys you deceived them with a one-way webcam.

Co-op southern have promise to come back with an update following their investigation that is likely to be referred to Hampshire for charges of obtaining employment by deception and other offences.

This man may have gone unnoticed if wasn’t for the hard work of ukpaedos who uncovered this a massive credit to them for the background and additional reporting give them a follow and see their other work at : or on Facebook:@UK.Paedos