Bogus council and fire safety officials approaching Grenfell home owners

Bogus council and fire safety officials have been approaching home owners to fraudulently sell them fire safety services in light of the recent tragedy at Grenfell Tower. The scammers, who have attempted to dupe home owners and housing organisations into buying services or goods that don’t exist or aren’t necessary needed, such as free or subsidised safety inspections. Notably the been fraudsters have been cold-calling or visiting properties with the Grenfell fire as a reason of contact. Action Fraud UK is now urging homeowners to be wary of any alleged council or fire safety official who uses the Grenfell tragedy as a means of contact. The warning comes after Action Fraud UK recently closed down a scam website which claimed to be raising money for the victims at Grenfell. Be on alert and report anything suspicious Action Fraud UK explains more, “Intelligence also suggests fraudsters may be trying to contact companies or organisations and claiming to offer contracts to provide services or goods to protect their home or building from a similar incident from happening.” “Whilst we’re currently unaware of anyone losing money to the fraud, we’re reminding anyone to report any suspicious or unsolicited approaches by individuals offering goods or services in relation to health and fire safety, especially in cases where it is suggested they are making contact as a result of the Grenfell Tower fire.”