Family Release Video Showing Dangers of Driving Tired

family release video showing dangers of driving tired

On 28th July 2017 @ 09:05 will be 2yrs since my Dad was killed. I’ve decided to make the dash-cam footage of a vehicle following my Dad’s van ‘Public’. My Dad lost his life because of a ‘Traffic Management Operative’ – ‘Chris Robert Trusler’ from Northampton who fell asleep whilst driving.
This was due to working a night shift and then starting a day shift without adequate rest, his employer at the time ‘Centurion Traffic Management’ of Leeds (CENTURION SITE SERVICES LIMITED) In my opinion are equally responsible for Dad’s death as they should NEVER have asked/let their driver, do so many hours made even worse by him driving a motor vehicle!
‘Chris Robert Trusler’ was sentenced to 2yrs imprisonment for ‘Death by Dangerous Driving’ and received a 4yr driving ban. Sadly, due to our justice system he has been released after serving only 364 days.
Below is the dash cam footage which is Graphic. The van (flatbed) on the right travelling towards you is being driven by ‘Chris Robert Trusler’ who has fallen asleep. My dad is driving a van on the left-hand side and loses his life in this video.
Please, please share this video to raise awareness of Road Deaths but especially in this case of Driving whilst Tired. I can’t bring Dad back but hopefully we can warn others.
Driving is not a given right, it’s a privilege. Think before you drive, you could be saving lives.

Always in our hearts and never forgotten. Until we meet again Dad xxx Via: Ash Wakefield & David Wakefield.