Multi Agency Rescue involving a Commercial Fishing Boat near Hayling Island

multi agency rescue involving a commercial fishing boat near hayling island

A multi agency incident involving commercial fishing boat has taken place off Hayling Island. The incident happened on Sunday afternoon. The skipper called Chichester Harbour master reporting that a male aboard had been taken ill and needed taking ashore. A member of Hayling RNLI who was monitoring the distress channel picked up VHF exchange with coastguard requesting an ambulance. They advised that they were crewed and we had a paramedic on station who could assist with the call.

The casualty was taken off angling vessel and brought ashore by Chichester harbour Patrol Rib where the casualty was met by the RNLI crew and placed in a stretcher – after a quick examination by the RNLI paramedic they were brought into the lifeboat station, subsequently treated by the Hayling First Responders and then a NHS ambulance team. The Casualty was then transported to QA Hospitial in Portsmouth.