Vet Practice Latest Victim in Crimewave to Hit Southsea

vet practice latest victim in crimewave to hit southsea

A Southsea Veterinary Practice has been forced to remain closed this morning as it becomes the latest in a long, long line of victims of overnight robberies.
Shocked pet owners were informed of the latest break-in when the popular vets arrived to open at 9am, issuing a statement saying, “Unfortunately, the practice will be closed today due to a break-in from the early hours of the morning.”
As previously reported neighbours either way on Elm Grove, the Koh Tapas Bar and Huis, have suffered repeated burglaries, alongside dozens more local businesses, in recent months.
Despite assurances from local politicians and police the crime epidemic sees no sign of abating.
The Grove went on to inform pet owners, “We are still available over the phone and can refer any pets that need to be seen. The number is 023 9286 1122. Apologies for any inconvenience.”