Bully Boys Caught on Camera Harassing Vulnerable OAP in Havant

bully boys caught on camera harassing vulnerable oap in havant

Two bully boys, working as litter patrol officers on behalf of Havant Borough Council, have been caught on camera harassing staff and trespassing on private property.
The video footage, shot yesterday, show the two oiks trespassing in a local business, a laundrette on Market Parade, despite being asked to leave the premises.
This follows their attempts to harass a vulnerable pensioner with learning difficulties. The ‘litter patrol’ employed by the Borough Council have come in for fierce criticism from the general public for their uncompromising and authoritarian approach since their introduction.

Lisa Kennedy, who shot the footage, said, “Can’t believe I had to call the police because the litter patrol were in my shop scaring one of my old customers.
“They refused to leave my shop so I had to call the police who then turned up – but couldn’t turn up when I got broken into!!!
“What is world we live in when they have been here for over an hour. How much money has that cost the tax payer?!”