Hampshire Police officers from Fareham Save Stitch the Cat

hampshire police officers from fareham save stitch the cat

Have you ever seen such sad eyes before? Not surprising really. When the police responded to a concerned neighbour about a little cat that had been outside for 5 days they discovered his dad had sadly died the week before and was still undiscovered in the house.

Stitch was hungry but didn’t know he was homeless to!

Fareham police contacted the RSPCA who, not for the first time, were unable to help (!!!!!), but gave them the number for Portsmouth Cats Second Chance Animal Rescue.

When Second Chance said they would take him Officers promptly delivered him in a squad car. Community policing at its best!!!

Can anyone foster Stitch or even give him a permanent home. Second Chance couldn’t abandon him but have no room or foster homes left and have had to shut him in their office.

He is so desperate for love and attention that he won’t leave Janeen in the office alone and she can’t get any work done. He loves sitting on the laptop!

Contact Portsmouth Chance if you can help, and share to spread the word and help this little fellow find his new home!