Smart Meter Conman trying to con their way into property in Gosport

smart meter conman trying to con their way into property in gosport

A word of caution for people in Stoke Road and Gosport Town area.
A man has just knocked at a residents door and told me he was here to “sort your meters out ready for your smart meters”.
The owner told him :I haven’t asked for smart meters to be installed, he told me that “it’s government law, everyone’s got to have them”.
The resident who has asked not to named questioned what company he worked for, he said E Energy and half heartedly showed me a lanyard.
Foolishly the concerned resident mistakenly told him that they were with Southern Electric to which he replied “yeah, they’ve sent me here to sort out your smart meters”.
Standing their ground the owner refused to let him in. They advised him they would phone Southern Electric and check.
He very rudely said “well you’ll be wasting my time and yours when they send me back”.
A quick called Southern Electric and they have confirmed that they most definitely did not send him and they have their own meter installers… Not E-Energy!!!
The man was sent packing but he was seen trying other doors down Mayfield and Shaftesbury Road in the Gosport area.
E-Energy it appears they have been in trouble with the ombudsman for deceiving customers so this is not the first time.