Burglars thought using Car Wash would give them a Clean Get away from Police

burglars thought using car wash would give them a clean get away from police

Two burglars were sentenced on Monday (14 August) after breaking into a house and stealing a car.

Jodie Finn, 34, of Woodthorpe Road and Antek Pryce 40, of Eastchurch in Kent were sentenced in Guildford Crown Court after they admitted breaking into a home in Oxted on 22 February 2016.

They were in the house for less than two minutes before driving off in the homeowners Jaguar. They then used the stolen car to commit a number of crimes across Sussex which included making off without payment for fuel, and thefts.

Pryce was sentenced to two years for burglary and 15 months for theft of a motor vehicle.

Finn was sentenced to one year for burglary and four months for theft of a motor vehicle.

DC Steven Cassidy, who investigated the pair, said

“These two went on a crime spree across Sussex using the car they’d taken from Surrey. When we recovered the car we found a receipt identifying that they’d taken the car through a car wash. I questioned Finn on it and she replied she ‘couldn’t be seen to drive a dirty Jag’!”