Havant Food Bank Running on Empty

havant food bank running on empty

We have received an urgent appeal from another local Foodbank that has been overwhelmed by demand and is now in desperate need of donations.
The local community gave an incredible response to a similar appeal recently, so let’s see if we can do it again!!!
“Ladies and gentle types, we are in urgent need of your support, these summer hols have put a real strain on our little Foodbank and we are nearly unable to help anyone,” organiser Darren Mckenna of Warren Park Café Church said:
“Please donate whatever you can so we can continue to support each other. Many thanks, you gorgeous lot!”
Milk (UHT or powdered)
Fruit Juice (Carton) or Squash
Pasta & Pasta Sauces
Toilet Roll
Tinned Tomatoes, Peas, Carrots etc
Tinned Meat & Fish
Rice, Cous Cous or instant mash
Tinned Fruit & Puddings
Jam & Marmalade & Marmite & Spreads
Crackers & Crispbreads
Cereal & porridge
Biscuits & Snack Bars
Baby food
Tooth Paste & Soap
This is OUR Food Bank, lets work together to help each other help each other. Thank you x
• Souls Journey, Park Parade, Havant
• St Francis Church, Riders Lane, Havant
• Warren Park School (term time only)
Please give what you can and please to not hesitate to ask for help or refer someone that does, this is our community and none of us should go hungry. Please contact Sara Barron 07766 020 524 or Me, Darren Mckenna 07593 261 200, any time. We ensure a confidential, respectful and supportive service.