Another day and an other shop breaking Southsea

A restaurant and wine bar in Elm Grove has become the latest victim in an ever-growing list of local businesses that have suffered at a crime epedmic hitting Southsea.

Despite reassurances from local police and politicians the crimewave continues, as Rosie’s Vineyard discovered a break-in when they arrived to open up, just before 10am this morning.

In a statement the locally-owned eatery said, “Devastated that Rosie’s Vineyard has been another victim of the string of local burglaries in Southsea.

“Can’t believe this is still happening and no-one appears to be stopping it.”

The firm added, “Going to do our best to re-,open thank you for all your support.”

It is understood the burglars took a till, £200 float and damaged two doors and the buildings security system.

Anybody with any information, who my have seen anything suspicious in the Elm Grove area in the early hours of this morning, is asked to call Portsmouth police on 101 quoting 441 7033 2730.