Portsmouth Couple Brad and Jen split

A Portsmouth couple, who recorded and starred in a host of increasingly annoying viral videos, have announced their break-up, via social media (obviously!).

Brad Holmes and pretty girlfriend Jenny Davies shot to fame with a series of prank videos, where beautiful Davies pretends to be dim-witted whilst Holmes belittles and humiliates her.

From pretending she couldn’t possibly eat a pizza cut into 8 slices but could easily eat the same pizza cut into 6 slices, to Holmes locking her laptop, phone, TV remotes and car keys into a hotel safe so she would miss the final of popular TV show ‘Love Island’, the videos centred on Davies being the butt of ‘jokes’ that became increasingly obvious set-ups.

Despite the videos clearly being fake they inexplicably went viral, with keyboard warriors worldwide laughing at the inane comments of the attractive Davies – completely ignorant to the fact they themselves were being pranked.

In a statement on Instagram yesterday Holmes told fans, “I say this with massive shame. Some of you may have gathered recently but if you haven’t me and Jen have decided to split up and part ways.

“We are still going to try to remain friends, she will always be my best friend. We wish each other the very best. We felt that we owed you guys this but we both would appreciate if you just let us be.

“We have had the best two years together. We will both continue doing social media. To everyone that has been on the journey with us, we thank you!”