#Exclusive Loadsamoney Lane Flashes YOUR Cash…Again

Whilst front line policing has faced unprecedented cuts the Hampshire Crime Commissioner, Michael Lane, is set to install a second assistant on another fat cat wage.

Lane, who recently came under fierce criticism for creating the new position of Deputy Commissioner – opting for former Tory MP Flick Drummond to fill the spot – on a whopping £64,000-a-year, has now brought in a police officer on secondment on a five-figure salary to give him even further additional support.

Superintendent Paul Bartolomeo has just landed the role of Staff Officer – on a breathtaking £70,000-a-year. Nice work if you can get it!

Michael Lane himself is on a salary of £85,000-a-year. The role of Crime Commissioner was created by David Cameron’s Coalition Government in November 2012.

The average starting salary of a police officer is between £19,383 and £22,962 – meaning the Commissioner and his two cronies £219,000 wage bill could fund ELEVEN Bobbies on the beat.