Tesco in Lockdown after Former Security Man climbs on roof


A Major supermarket is under lockdown after a former security worker climbed up into the roof area of the Tesco store on Portman Road in Reading just 6pm on Thursday evening where he remains.

Staff and Managers at the store called in riot police and and specialist climbing teamd to try and talk the man down. Adam Jammeh was employed at store as a security officer for over two years before an investigation was carried out after claims of theft where made. He was cleared of all offences but was dismissed from his post. Jammeh demands are that he wants a written letter clearing him of any wrong doing over the investigation as this is stopping him from gaining any further employment. Police have called on a cheery picker and specialist platform in attempts to remove the man. Despite their efforts the man still remains in the roofing area. The store remains closed to workers and customers who are being asked to stay away.