Shoppers Evacuated from Bluewater Shopping Centre after Food Explosion Sparks Chaos

shoppers evacuated from bluewater shopping centre after food explosion sparks chaos

Shoppers have been evacuated from Bluewater shopping centre after it is under that food in an oven exploded at a Nando’s restaurant in the complex. Panic-stricken shoppers were photographed running to the exits at the Kent shopping centre.

Shoppers have taken to Twitter to describe the moment they “ran for their lives” as the shopping centre was evacuated.

One user tweeted: “Just ran out of Bluewater, about 60 ppl screaming bomb saw my life flash before my eyes turns out It was a fire alarm in Nando’s [sic]

But after the scenes of chaos, emergency services confirmed the scare was a fire sparked by a faulty cooking appliance.

And Kent Police took to Twitter, urging people to remain calm.