Forty People evacuated after Fire Breaking out involving cylinders at Workshop Near Guildford

forty people evacuated after fire breaking out involving cylinders at workshop near guildford

Homes in Alford on the outskirts of Guildford have been evacuated after a fire has ripped through a Workshop this afternoon.

Fire crews from Cranliegh and Guildford were sent to the workshop on Loxwood Road, in the village of Alford just after 2pm on Sunday afternoon. Forty people had been evacuated to a safe area whilst crew tackle the blaze and cool five cylinders that are involved in a private workshop. Two fire fighters committed in breathing apparatus used a hose reel to extinguished the blaze. A Jet was used to cool the cylinders that had been effected by the fire.
Police have closed off surrounding roads and a 100 Metre exclusion zone has been put in place. Crews left the incident just after 5.30pm and the closures where removed