Seal Beached on Hayling Isand

seal beached on hayling isand

An elderly Seal has been beached on Hayling Island for the last two days.
The Seal first came to the attention of Hayling residents last Friday where it was seen in the shallows off of the beach and appeared to be unwell and in some distress.
Despite locals contacting various local authorities and animal welfare groups the Seal’s condition has worsened and it beached sometime early yesterday morning.
Hayling resident Anne Skennerton said, “I’ve just spoken with Langstone Harbour Board Office: they are aware of the seal, the Marine Conservation diver has just been in and they will continue to closely monitor the seal, keeping dogs etc away from it.”
“If it is approached it will get stressed and its condition worsen. The diver said he’d continue his monitoring,” Anne added.
It is thought the elderly sea mammal may be nearing the end of its life and is unable to clamber back into the water.
We urge all residents to keep well clear of the animal and ask dog walkers to avoid the area.