Cocaine Orgies See Nine Sacked from Nuclear Submarine

cocaine orgies see nine sacked from nuclear submarine

Nine Royal Navy servicemen have been sacked from the Senior Service after a sex probe saw them testing positive for cocaine whilst on duty.
The submariners, all from HMS Vigilant – which carries the Trident nuclear deterrent – were all found to have the class A drug in their blood, it was confirmed last night.

They are alleged to have had drug-fuelled sex parties while the submarine was docked in the US to pick-up nuclear warheads.

The submarine’s captain and his second-in-command, who have authroity over the nuclear weapons, have also been removed after alleged affairs with female officers were uncovered.

The submarine’s second-in-command, Lieutenant Commander Michael Seal, 36, has now been removed amid claims of an extra-marital affair with a female engineering officer – Lieutenant Hannah Litchfield, 27, has also been removed from the vessel.

The submarine was already embroiled in controversy over an alleged affair between its captain, Commander Stuart Armstrong, 41, and Sub-Lieutenant Rebecca Edwards, 25.

Another serviceman on the vessel faces court martial after going AWOL and boarding a flight to the UK to see his girlfriend.

Yet two more submariners have left the boat in the wake of the scandals.

It means that around 10 per cent of HMS Vigilant’s 168-strong crew have either been kicked out, resigned, are under investigation or have been removed in what is believed to be one of the biggest sex and drugs scandals to hit the Navy.

The one question has to ask is…how does one get a commission on HMS Not-so-Vigilant?