Watch Terrifying Footage that landed a Bognor Couple five and Seven years in Prison

watch terrifying footage that landed a bognor couple five and seven years in prison

A couple behind the plan to rob an Eastney betting shop are now both serving lengthy prison sentences.
Getaway driver, Clare Hall, 27, of Shearwater Drive, Bognor, has been handed a five year sentence at Portsmouth Crown Court, despite claiming she thought her husband and another man – who has only ever been identified as ‘Coatsey’ – were just picking up drugs.
Husband, Matthew Hall, 28, was sentenced to 7 years and 8 months last October for the armed raid.
Matthew Hall and his accomplice had entered the BetFred shop on Eastney Road thirty-five minutes before it was due to shut at 10pm on 6th June last year, as previously reported. He threatened to kill a terrified employee at the bookies with a meat cleaver before snatching £3,375 from the safe.
The robbery came unstuck when Hall took a wrong turn after exiting the bookmakers and couldn’t find his wife’s BMW, which was parked on the opposite side of Bransbury Park.
The blundering thieves were picked-up by police shortly afterwards in Devonshire Square, with DNA evidence later linking them to the robbery.